Modafinil Comparison

Jun 5

Why NUVIGIL is the new Alertec

How NUVIGIL builds on the success of Modalert

General Information on Nuvigil and Modalert

I think many of us have already experienced conditions of recurring sleepiness during the day. If you suffer from sleepiness on a regular basis, you need medication to be able to work and get through the day. A lot of people have to cope with sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), excessive sleepiness (ES), shift work sleep disorders or narcolepsy.

A medication that can help you stay awake is Nuvigil, a prescription drug from the pharmaceutical company Cephalon used to improve the wakefulness of adults. It was approved for use by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2007. The product is not suited for children since it has not been tested on people under the age of 18. Nuvigil comes in tablet form and contains the popular ingredient Modafinil which is part of most narcolepsy medications and typically also know as Provigil 200mg . The similar product you may know is Modafinil 200 mg that is also used to treat sleep disorder.

The drug is not only used by the workforce to do their jobs effectively but also by students who want to improve their concentration and stay up all night to write papers or learn for exams.

The suggested dose for Nuvigil is 150 to 250mg depending on the intensity of your illness. The medication should be taken in the morning or about one hour before the start of the work and usually only once a day.

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Side Effects of Nuvigil and Provigil

But Nuvigil can also cause side effects. You may get headache, anxiety attacks, hallucinations or depression. If you notice any of these psychological problems, go see a doctor as soon as possible. Skin rash or allergic reactions are also known as possible side effects. You should not conduct machines or drive a car after taking Nuvigil since possible side effects can get you into a dangerous situation. It is also not recommended to take the sleep disorder drug together with alcohol because this could negatively influence your ability to respond.

Nuvigil can help you live a fine life despite your problems with sleep disorders.